Monochromatic 2016

Czech designer Lucie Erban Mares as a fashion label LEM , is now presenting a new collection for 2016 called Monochromatic.

It was inspired by the colour derived from a mirror reflection. The scale of colours taken from a photograph of the mirror surface creates a monochromatic composition comprising of shades of white, grey, and black. The photograph of the mirror surface is printed on fabric which becomes the bearer of information about the actual colour of reflection. Its design follows up the theme of LEM’s previous collection based on the principle of mirroring. Inspiration came from a mirror interspace in which elementary designs were reflected, multiplied and deformed. This principle is demonstrated mainly by means of layering of the fabric, or by having the basic silhouette duplicated when folded over the central axis. The monochromatic colour scale enables a larger range of contrasting colour hues, which can be used to evoke an illusion of movement. Characteristic of the new collection is layering of silhouettes on a monochromatic colour scale. The garments will be elegant and simple, the choice of colour only underpinning the readability and contrast of the overall design.

Fotograf: Katarína Bric,
Make-up: Barbora Prokopová
Model: Bára Slavíčková